Short simple birthday wishes for best friend

A birthday is a day of quite importance and the person who has his birthday, expects lot of love from his friends as well as family and all nears and dears.

A birthday is no mainstream thing and you usually just don’t get to say things otherwise. Therefore, keeping things simple is not always mainstream and rocking. Probably that is the reason why we are providing you the simple birthday wishes today.

You probably might be looking for the best birthday wishes for a friend and we will be providing that too, but before that, let us tell you the perfect way to wish short simple birthday wishes for a friend,family.

For wishing, you can just copy and paste the simple birthday wishes for best friend which we have given below on a text or message or any gift which you want to give to your friend and wish them.Here you can also check out the best birthday wishes for your cousin.


In this life, there are too many adventures for us to enjoy but there is so little time to enjoy all of them. But the same doesn’t go for you as you have always jumped in and thought so less about going back and about regretting anything. Life is truly an endless adventure and all I want is you beside me.funny short Happy birthday for my dear friend and I wish you a lot of success.

I always look forward to coming to your birthday party and enjoying your birthday with you because you are truly joyful and you also spread joy. You are always a bundle of joy and there is always so much to learn about you. No fancy things, no style and no swag, still you are one of the most admirable friends of mine and there is no case when I would want you to feel disappointed about anything.

You are the only person who can determine how old you truly have become as birthdays mean a fresh start to your life and what you always are thinking about life. It is not a time for regretting your decisions in life but it is something of a comeback and thinking of a great future ahead. I also wish that you have an awesome birthday.

Words are just now enough to tell you how much I love you and how much I care for you and this birthday of yours, I always wanted to wish you a great birthday celebration as you are the best person that I have seen in my entire life. I wish you an awesome birthday and wish that all the desires that you have in life, may they come true and may you live such a life which is full of enjoyment and devotion towards the Lord.

I remember that ever since we were little, you were always there to help me and sort out every issue that I faced in this life. I am always smiling upon the fact as I am truly glad that we still are friends and are wishing each other whenever it comes to birthdays. I bet we will be sitting on a rocking chair side by side in that nursery home together and discuss how we enjoyed life and how things used to be always between us. Happy birthday to you my dear.

I still remember the day when we met for the first time and it still feels as if it was yesterday. I am so lucky that you met me in your life and till now we have been so great together and I wish the same with you always. From the day you were born, you have been a joy for me and I am glad on this fact. You deserve all the world’s happiness and care from everybody and if there is something bad that I have done in my life, I just want to say sorry for that. Happy birthday my dear friend.

Today is the perfect time for celebration and I hope that you have a wonderful day today as it is your birthday and I am even more happy than you are. I hope that you have a wonderful day with lots of celebration and this birthday of yours gives you a lot of memories with your friends and your relatives too. I always hope that you have an awesome life.

There are really many things about our friendship which I am fond of and which I truly love. Your birthday is the best time for us to celebrate our friendship and the love which we have for each other. Not only that but I even wish that this party lasts forever and the hangover too, so that I don’t have to get out of this feeling ever. Happy birthday my beloved friend.

I have always lived a life which is full of uncertainties and calamities but the one person who has always been there for me with his arms open and standing there with a perfect solution is always you and I truly thank you for this. I wish that you too have the same life which you have made mine and I wish that everybody gets a friend like you are. Happy birthday to you my dear friend.

The best part of having you in my life as a friend is that you are crazy and wild just like me and there is no denying in the fact that you’re crazy attitude meets my crazy attitude, big time. I love you because you are too crazy like me and I wish and hope that things always remain like this between us.

A friend like you is someone whom I would never want to lose. You are such a person without whom I can never live my life and I can just not do and think about anything because you are my best friend and every advice you have given me and I have implemented in my life, I swear that it has changed my life for good and this thing is something which I love about you. Thanks a lot and a very happy birthday to you my dear friend.

A friend like you is even more priceless than a precious diamond and the reason I am saying this is not only that you are just strong and wise, but you are kind and thoughtful as well and that fact is something of a perfect thing which a person needs and you, my friend, are a perfect example of people of this kind.

My dearest and nearest friend, today is your birthday and not only you are happy but I am happy too because I have shared some of the most precious events of my life with you and you are to be credited for my success which I have got so far. I have planned so many wonderful activities today and I wish that we would enjoy them together. Happy birthday to you my friend and stay awesome like this always as you look lovely when you are happy and smiling.

Finding a great friend like you has always been one of my greatest achievements in life which I admire truly and want to flaunt as if it is the best thing and if there is something I need to truly boast about in my life, it is just you and no other person than you as you have completely changed my life to good and I thank you for doing that in every possible way. Happy birthday to you my friend and stay awesome like this always.

As long as you are my friend, I swear that I have nothing in my life to worry about or to take stress about as you are always there to help me and I love this fact. All I want to do is to share all my issues and problems with you and I love the way you come up with solutions for me and my calamities. All I ever want to have is your shoulder to cry upon, so I just want to thank you and say and wish a very Happy birthday to you my friend.