Birthday wishes for son from mother in english

Your family means the world to you and everything that you do and strive for, it is just for your family and nobody else.When people usually talk about the families, they primarily focus on their partners and their kids as they are your only well-wishers and would do anything for you their joy if it’s their son’s birthday then it would be the happiest day of their life ,so here we are going to see some birthday wishes for mather from son in english.

The overtime that you do in your office is for your wife and your kids if you would want to buy something for them.Same is the case when you do something for your kids. Well, talking about the kids, your son too is the second priority for whom you do everything and anything that he asks for, you provide it for him because you love him.

Well, your son is your blood and everything that he does is associated with you. You give him gifts and what not on his birthday but why not to kick off the things in a more better way than you could think of by wishes him happy birthday wishes from parents to son.You also check out here the best birthday wishes for father friends in english. You can also see wishes for father.

Let us try to use some of the happy birthday wishes to wish your son. These birthday wishes for son  mother are chosen from the best and hand-picked purposely for mother only.


I know that I may have scolded you many times in my life and I may have acted cold on you many times, but trust me son, everything that I did, I did it for you as you are the one who means the world to me and everything that I do, it is just for you. I wish you a very happy birthday and always wish that you live a very prosperous and proper life.

The reason I used to scold you sometimes in my childhood is that I never actually wanted you to do bad things in life and never fall in bad company because, my dear son, I love you and always wish that your life such a life which is always rejoicing and others feel the urge to teach themselves to live the same way as you do.

I am proud on a son like you are and trust me, these words I speak are spoken out with my true love and grace for you because I love you so much and you have always proved yourself to be the best and outstanding than the others I love in my life. I wish you a great and a big happy birthday wish dear son and want you to know that I always loved you and will always love you.

Dear son, you are the only reason we look forward to such a life which is going to get meaningful and lovely and not only that, but we wish ourselves and you too, a very happy life ahead and the reason that we always smile is just because of you my dear son birthday. Happy birthday and we hope that you enjoy this day to its fullest. We wish you a very happy birthday son once again

On this auspicious occasion, we wish you nothing but luck and happiness in your life. We may have scolded you at times, but trust us, it was always for your betterment and we always wish a good life for you and wish you a very happy birthday my son.

We are not fancy like your friends and so, we will just hug you with love rather than posting on your Facebook wall and we will sing for you with our hearts rather than tagging you in tweets and other stuff. Trust us son, as parents, we have done everything to keep you happy and we never ever wished any bad luck or any uncertainty in your life. We wish you a very happy birthday son.

I always used to act in such a way and used to do such things that I become a role model for my son in his life which he would follow me on but I never actually knew that my son would become a role model for me and trust me dear son, I love you so much and always wish such a life for you which is full of happiness and pleasure. Happy birthday my dear son.

No matter how old we grow and how tired we become, our love for you will always prevail like a rainbow in a sky or like the light prevails in the darkness. No matter how we become, our life will always be dedicated to you dear son and no matter how much you love us, we will always try to love you even more than you could think of. wishes happy birthday son and always wish that you live a very prosperous and proper life.

Whenever you face the ugly things in life and everything that means to you goes South on you, just remember that we are always there for you and remember those hugs that we used to give you. Whenever you face any difficulty, just remember the love of this family to which you belong.

Whenever you face hurdles in life dear son, look back at that childhood which you have lived in which is so special to you and to us also. Whenever you feel lonely and think that nobody cares for you, just call us away and we would be there for you or just think of us and we will be there in your beautiful memories that you contain. We wish you a very happy birthday son from your old parents .


Your birthday is just not a normal day, it means that you are growing up and you have started handling some responsibilities that you should be taking care of. It means that you are soon going to live a life which will demand more from you and for that, we already wish you an all the best wish dear son from your grandmother.

This cake is sweet and it is just not for the reason that it has been made this way, but the reason to the sweetness of this cake is that you have infused such sweetness in our lives and there is absolutely nothing that we don’t love about you dear son. You have made our lives so better than we could ever have imagined and we are really grateful to you for this purpose.

When your mother was pregnant, we always used to pray to God that our child becomes the most honest, loving and truthful son and to be honest, we realized that God does answer prayers because He has blessed us with a son like you who does everything for us.

Even father wishes that his son actually grows taller and wiser than him in his life. Well, my dear son, you have at least grown taller. ? have happy birthday son!!

When you clutched my fingers for the very first time in my life and yours too, I really felt excited and I remember that I really smiled over this thing. It made me realize that I am going to be a responsible father for you from now on and now as we have crossed many stages of this life, I hope that I have already been responsible enough for you dear son. I wish you a very happy birthday from father.