Birthday Cake Ideas

Happy birthday cake is a unique confectionery and its creator is a real sculptor! Cakes prepared at home always delight loved ones because this dessert is one of the best holiday surprises. It can be decorated with fantasy roses made of mastic, jelly, cream, glaze, delicate mousse or a beautiful composition of fruits and berries! But whatever the cake is, don’t forget about happy birthday wishes because they are important as well.

How to make a perfect birthday cake?

Modern confectionery can safely be called a miracle. They give not only taste but also aesthetic pleasure, delighting with unusual and extravagant, original or classic decor. And what do you need to create the best birthday cake? 

By the way, look for happy birthday wishes for teacher or any other person because it is better to present a cake with words of wishes. 

Use only fresh ingredients

Each bag of flour, butter, milk, and all other ingredients must be checked before use. This is the only way to achieve perfect quality, the best taste characteristics and other advantages.

You have to use only natural creams and glaze. This decreases the use of synthetics, which not only doesn’t give the desired effect but can also be hazardous to health. 

No substitutions

How to make birthday cake? You can’t use substitutions if you want to make an attractive and tasty cake. Substandard ingredients will never be used by real professionals.

Baking requires a higher level of accuracy. The smallest mistakes can change the composition of your cake, as the best birthday cake recipe is based on the ratio of ingredients working together.

Birthday cakes ideas

There are many interesting birthday cake ideas. So, what cake to choose?

Cookie cake

There are so many ways to prepare a delicious cake without baking in the oven, for example, using cookies. For example, try to make a chocolate cookie cake with a delicate cheese cream – this dessert will not leave anyone indifferent.

Ice cream cake

A funny birthday cake made of meringue, biscuit, fruit, crispy pieces (popcorn, chocolate, nuts) together with ice-cream creates a harmony of tastes. Sour, sweet, and crunchy layers can be supplemented with original sprinkles. It is perfect for any holiday, especially in summer.

Chocolate vanilla

Vanilla chocolate birthday cake is perfect when you stay at home with friends and relatives and celebrate an exciting event. Even despite the bad weather, you will remain in a good mood eating it.

Gluten-free cake

Sometimes it becomes necessary to limit yourself or your loved ones in certain products and bake a healthy birthday cake. One of these factors is gluten intolerance. Instead of gluten, it is recommended to use a special baking powder, which is prepared from baking soda, starch, and wine vinegar.

Vegan cake

Without eggs and butter that make up the basis of a birthday cake recipe, making a vegan cake can seem a daunting task. The good news is that there are many delicious and simple vegan cake recipes that can satisfy even the most sophisticated birthday man or woman.

Petit fours

This is generally an assortment of small items (cookies or cakes) made from the same dough, which has a different filling and is decorated differently. These cakes are so small that can be immediately and completely put into your mouth.

Pinata cake

Piñata is a toy, originally from Mexico, made of paper, which is colorful and decorated with all kinds of ribbons, colored paper, etc. Pinata is filled with various treats or surprises for children and adults (sweets, crackers, sweets, nuts). You can also make a pinata cake – a surprise cake.

Decadent fudge cake

If you want to try something new, then bake this nutmeg-buckwheat, fragrant, delicious cake. This is a real revolutionary breakthrough for lovers of creamy cocoa cakes, who switched to the good side and became vegans. This type of dessert has a deep taste. It is great with a small cup of espresso.

Rainbow cake with clouds

The American Rainbow Cake with colored biscuits based on whipped cream is very tasty. The ingredients in the dough interact well with natural dyes. You can play with tastes. It is simple but thanks to multi-colored cakes, it looks festive. You can also decorate this birthday cake with candles.

Chocolate Bavarian torte

This is a cake made of biscuits, chocolate mousse, and fresh fruits. This is a super chocolate cake, a delicious treat for a festive occasion. Biscuit cakes saturated with a coffee smell wrapped in the most delicate creamy chocolate soufflé are a real delight of any chocolate lover. Also, you can learn how to write happy birthday on a cake and decorate it with these words.

Birthday cakes tips

So, you are going to bake a cake for the first time. You need to know about the mistakes that newcomers often make when baking a cake.

Use the toothpick test

To check the readiness of cake, place the edge of the toothpick in the center of the cake, hold it for a few seconds, and pull it out. If the toothpick is clean, the cake is ready. If there are pieces of baked dough left, put the cake in the oven for a few more minutes.

Serve your cakes at room temperature

If your cake consists of dairy ingredients, then you have to wait until they are at room temperature. If you use cold ingredients, you will not get the necessary result.

Parchment paper is your best helper

To avoid trouble when removing the cake from the baking dish, be sure to put this paper on the bottom of it before baking. This will allow you to easily take your cake out of the dish.

Birthday cake is the most necessary attribute of the holiday. A real birthday party is simply obliged to be accompanied by a delicious and beautiful cake. Every person can cook a delicious and beautiful birthday cake. Patience and imagination are all that you need.