Best Birthday Songs

This is one of the most favorite holidays in childhood because something special happened on this day. As adults, many of us still love this day because this is a good occasion to meet friends and relatives, really enjoy talking with those who are dear to us and receive the most sincere congratulations in a festive atmosphere. But in addition to good songs, it is also necessary to prepare happy birthday wishes for sister or any other person.

Happy birthday song

A birthday is an event that is hard to imagine without good happy birthday wishes and good songs. Happy birthday songs are positive, and they are sung about joy and gifts.


Few people think about the meaning of authors in certain compositions. Interesting facts about the history of creating great songs will surely make many perceive these birthday songs for adults in a new way.

Each of the songs has its own story and sometimes it can turn out to be no less vivid than the song itself. So, when choosing songs for a birthday party, it is nice to learn how the song was composed and what a singer meant with it.

Top best happy birthday songs for kids

This is a holiday that your child has been waiting for a whole year! Of course, any event can’t do without songs and music. So, here is the birthday songs list for children:

Johny Johny – Yes Papa

It is very short. The meaning of the poem is that the little boy Johnny ate sugar and was caught. Later the poem turned out to be a funny song, which the children love very much because they have to shout “ha ha ha” in unison in the end!

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The funny song is turned to the rain with a request to go away. The song perfectly cheers up. It is very rhythmic, so you can even dance with children.

Dolly Song – Holly Dolly

Don’t know who sings this one of the best birthday songs for kids? The answer is simple, this is Holly Dolly. The song is easy to remember, and especially for children. This is one of the funny birthday songs that can be used while playing some games.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin

The uniqueness of the song is that it doesn’t involve any musical instrument – absolutely all sounds are emitted by a human voice. Don’t Worry, Be Happy is a very cute song. It was released in 1988 and quickly gained recognition from listeners on all continents.

Crazy Frog – Alex F

The musical history of Crazy Frog began only in 2005 but still, everyone loves it. By turning on this one of the best birthday songs to your kids, you can be sure that they will not get bored.

Top best happy birthday songs for adults

The following top birthday songs are guaranteed to cheer up all guests and come in handy at the birthday party!

It’s My Party – Lesley Gore

The reason for the tears of the heroine of It’s My Party was her boyfriend Johnny who found a new girl Judy right during the girl’s birthday and even gave her an engagement ring. It’s My Party performed by Lesley Gore is one of the popular custom happy birthday songs.

Happy Birthday – Altered Images

The Guinness Book of Records recognized the song Happy Birthday to You as the most recognizable song in the world and hardly anyone would argue with that. Most residents of the civilized countries of our planet have not only heard but also sang these four lines, lasting a few seconds.

Birthday – Katy Perry

This is one of the personalized happy birthday songs where Katy Perry sings not about her birthday but a friend’s birthday. About that holiday that he didn’t even dream of and would never forget. Katy shows him what she is capable of. Every day next to her will be like a holiday.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President – Marilyn Monroe

This is the most famous birthday songs. The unsurpassed Marilyn Monroe was truly inimitable at that moment when she congratulated John F. Kennedy on his birthday. Monroe appeared wrapped in snow-white furs and performed the song so sensually that any man was envious of the president that evening.

Birthday – Beatles

The song was written jointly by Lennon and McCartney. It is an example of the band returning to traditional rock-and-roll music at a time when it has already significantly outgrown this style.

These epic birthday songs are always cheerful, positive, they are sung about the holiday, joy, and gifts. Listening to the songs, you will always have a good mood that is so important when celebrating a birthday.