Adult Birthday Party

We all want sometimes to have a fun party with friends but we don’t always know how to do it. To harmoniously combine the construction birthday party, home comfort with the atmosphere of the club, and, at the same time, not to let the guests get bored, you need to make not so much effort as it seems at first glance. 

How to plan an adult birthday party?

Having parties, it is necessary to think over all the little things, purchase products, send invitations and maybe learn happy birthday wishes. But, if you draw up a concrete birthday party checklist of action, things will go easier and faster.

Prepare checklist

First, you need to decide on birthday party places, who will be invited, the size of the budget, etc. Determine the size of the budget. Having a great party can be very expensive. You need to understand what you want when making birthday party invitations. Careful planning will save your time, effort and money. Select a date, time, and duration. It’s better to start in the evening. 

By the way, if you want to throw a party for your mother, you have to also come up with nice happy birthday wishes for mom.

Planning the details

To make your party more interesting and memorable, you need to choose an interesting theme or style! Avoid frequently used birthday party themes, be original.

Good birthday party food ideas are one of the factors for a successful party. Maybe someone doesn’t eat meat or drink alcohol. Consider all the details.

Top birthday party ideas for adults

We grew up but children remained inside us. Maybe that’s why masquerade parties and carnivals are so popular today? If you want a holiday, you can make it yourself.

Pirate party

A hat, a sailor suit, and a saber and you are ready to search for treasures! The theme is equally attractive to teens and adults. But the preparation will take a lot of time – trunks with gold, nets, sails and other equipment that imitate the side of a ship or a pirate island.

Wild West Cowboys

Birthday party games like a rodeo, horse racing, quizzes about America and its traditions, etc. are well suited for the theme. The variety of possible costumes is amazing – from a simple cowboy hat and a neckerchief to full uniforms, including wide leather pants, a holster, and boots with spurs.

Superheroes party

This is one of the best birthday party ideas. We all love such movies as Superman, Spiderman, Batman, and so on! We grew up but want to return to the time of carefree comics, which we read; in the days of good films, confirming the triumph of good and justice over evil; in times of such paranormal love of ordinary girls for heroes who can save the world!

Oscar party

Such a party can be a very sophisticated and aesthetic event. If your future guests respect harmony and taste in everything, then invite them to participate in a party in the style of Oscar. There is a red carpet, gorgeous dresses, expensive jewelry, a sea of champagne and light flirting. If you don’t have a companion for such a party, you can look single girls picture and find a company right now.

Back to the 80s

Acidic, vibrant colors, the desire to be different from others, alcohol – all these are the 80s birthday party decorations! And also, it reminds of a good disco and unrestrained love. Many of today’s adults come from the 80s and, for sure, they would like to turn back the clock and be there at least one night!

Mistakes to avoid at your birthday party

For an event to go nice, it needs to be properly organized. You have to avoid the following mistakes:

Last-minute invitation

No matter how nice birthday party supplies you use and how well the event is organized but if a “wrong” day is chosen for its holding, there is a risk that almost no one will come to it.

Don’t send invitations too soon or too late. This is best done two weeks before the event: your guests will not have time to forget about it or plan something else.  

Planning too many activities

Experienced animators try to write scripts in such a way that people don’t get tired. But we often forget about such an important moment. And as a result, the holiday becomes uninteresting.

Also, never force guests to take part in games they don’t want to participate in. Let them choose those activities they really like.

Birthday party tips

So, how to make a program so that guests don’t get bored? Look at these tips:


Answer yourself a few important questions about time, budget, participants, etc. In some cases, you can ask your friends to help you. Think about the comfort of the guests.

Important information

You should know if someone is in conflict with one of the guests. If you have such a problem, you will need to pay special attention to it.


Purchase alcohol at a rate of 250 grams per person. It is also worth considering the preferences of different guests. By the way, punch is the perfect drink for a home party.


You can have a party with dancing, games, watching a movie together or discussing common (interesting!) topics.


It should be light and unobtrusive. You can turn on the music channel or prepare the list of new music on the computer.

When your party is over, you have to inspect the apartment, throw out trash, sweep, and wash everything that needs it. If the party is not in your house, then help the birthday man or woman to clean.